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AFSA Membership Application

AFSA memberships are available for several different categories.

  • An AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) membership is for any legal entity or person having approval authority over any aspect of fire sprinkler installations and/or installing contractors. This includes local, state and federal governmental and regulatory agencies; insurance and research organizations that establish and/or enforce industry standards; code and standards organizations or personnel.
  • An Associate membership is for firms that manufacture or sell automatic sprinkler devices, system components, and auxiliary equipment or provides other services to the industry.
  • A Contractor membership is for companies that install, inspect and/or service fire sprinkler systems.
  • A Designer membership is for a firm whose principal activity is the development of fire sprinkler shop/working drawings for fire sprinkler contractors, and is not engaged in the physical installation, inspection, or sale of fire system components. All Designer members must be sponsored by two AFSA Contractor members in good standing.

Please choose your category: